All proceeds from the book go to foundation For Each Other With Each Other:

What if you have to relinquish care of the most precious person in your life to others? What if that concern and dependence becomes only greater in the future? You visit existing support facilities and assess their capabilities. But what if you are looking for another possibility for your child, a more personal one? You may have to take a new road as a parent. A road where you initially thought you and your child would never walk, but one you will take as it will lead you to what you want for your disabled child. Then, together with other parents, you will create a foundation and develop a small-scale residential and care initiative for multiple Handicapped Children: Foundation For Each Other, With Each Other.

VEME is not simply chosen as the name of our Foundation. We are a group of parents who have joined forces and strive to help our children with intellectual and possibly other disabilities to provide a safe and secure home. We want to realise this by cooperating with the municipality, Housing Corporation, care provider, but especially with the parents, siblings and other parties involved with our residents. Together we are realising a wonderful residential initiative for our children. A care/housing project in Het Westland, the Netherlands.

We welcome everyone who wants to join us on this fascinating journey on the way to a beautiful property for our children.